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A Fitting Finale for Logan


Moviegoers all over the world waited for Logan to come out in the big screen since its trailer first made the rounds online. So when the movie finally opened in cinemas last week, the lines were long. I was one of those who was lucky enough to watch Hugh Jackman transform into Logan one last time. I watched the movie in Cinema 3 of Glorietta 4 early last Saturday, March 04. Even if it was still the second screening for the day, the cinema was full. There was a general feeling of excitement but when the movie finally started, everyone became quiet.

From the first scene down to the closing credits, Logan took my breath away. Every scene was intense, every dialogue was meaningful. My mind kept jumping from one character to another, trying to imagine how I'd feel if I were in their place. But it was Logan who touched me the most. It was his pain, his anger, and his confusion that hit me the most. And I cried. Yes, I cried. The first time that I did while watching an X-Men movie.

What Logan is About

The story of Logan takes place in the year 2029. Our beloved mutant now lives in a remote place somewhere near the Mexican border. In the daytime, he works as a limousine driver. He also drinks a lot of alcohol. There is not a single shadow of Wolverine when he is at work (although he does use his mutant powers to stop some thieves). But when he gets home, his world changes. Home is where Logan stays with former X-Men leader Charles Xavier (exceptionally played by Patrick Stewart) and Caliban (Stephen Merchant). This is the place where he takes care of Charles, making sure the latter takes his medicine regularly; keeping him safe from "outside forces". 

Logan tries his best to veer away from anything Wolverine-related. So when a woman asks him for help, he refused to even listen to her. This woman introduces him to Laura (superbly played by Dafne Keen), a girl who reminds him so much of his younger self. A lot of things start to unravel after the girl joins their tribe and Logan is forced to channel Wolverine to protect Laura from the men trying to get her. All these happens as they head out to find a place called "Eden", which is said to be a safe hideaway for mutants.This is when the real action begins. And the action here is like nothing you have seen before; nothing like the action in all the X-Men or superhero movies you have seen. 

My husband, who's a true blue X-Men fan, said Logan is actually a western movie, and I have to agree with him. In fact, one scene in the movie shows Logan, Charles, and Laura watching the 1953 classic western film "Shane". A lot of the action takes place in a vast landscape, including a farm owned by Will Munson (Eriq La Salle). The movie also focuses a lot on the characters' thoughts and feelings (especially that of Logan). So instead of the mutant hero you're so used seeing, you'll see a confused, angry, and sad Logan. There's also a lot of fear and the feeling of emptiness. It's a more mature, close-to-human Logan that you'll see in this movie.

Because of the action scenes and the intense characters, Logan also somewhat reminds me of the Dirty Harry movies (yes, I saw all of them).

If you want to know what Logan is all about, critic Gary Wolcott describes the movie perfectly: "It is gut-busting intense and maybe the best — if we have to define it as such — super hero movie of them all. But one reason may be because it’s not actually about the super powers as much as it is about the curse of having super powers." 


A Fitting Finale

There are a lot of reasons for the changes in Logan. You have to see the movie to find out some of these reasons, but if you're familiar with the X-Men series, you'll understand what he's going through. There's also a scene showing flashbacks that somehow explains the whole situation. 

Aside from the focus on characters, Logan also has a lot of good dialogues. They're crisp and realistic; nothing too cinematic. What I like best about Logan, however, is the way the story is presented. It is a combination of many things. It is an action film, it has a lot of drama, it's a thriller, and of course, it's a superhero movie. Yet it works. Thanks to the well-woven story written by Scott Frank, Michael Green, and James Mangold, who is also Logan's director. 

While all the actors deserve praise and congratulations, the ones that stand out most are Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart. Their heartfelt performances are worthy of all the awards one can think of. I have never seen such a mature and honest performance from Jackman. And Stewart simply blew me away. In all of his scenes, I felt him inside me. It's like he was looking straight at me and speaking through my heart. I felt his pain and suffering.

Logan is the kind of movie that can change the way you look at superhero movies. It's not what you expected it to be, but it's way, way better. And it is definitely a fitting finale for a beloved character like Wolverine.

This masterpiece by Mangold also stars Richard E. Grant, Boyd Holbrook, Elizabeth Rodriguez, and Elise Neal. It is still showing in your favorite cinemas, so go, get your ticket and discover why Logan is one superhero movie you shouldn't miss.

Happy viewing!

*Logan is rated R-16 by the MTRCB. It is 2 hours and 17 minutes long.

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